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What Are the Different Types of Wedding? Check Them Out.

22 March 2023

White leather bridal shoes beside a round, pink rose bouquet are used in some traditional types of wedding

What are the different types of weddings? From elopement to destination wedding, there are lots of choices out there. 

There are so many kinds of weddings out there that it can be overwhelming to pick the right one for you. Whether you want something simple or elaborate, traditional or modern, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled all the most popular types of weddings in this article. Check them out below.

Traditional Wedding Ceremony

A traditional wedding ceremony involves a religious rite and an exchange of vows before the attending guests, who are there to witness this ritual. The ceremony is generally performed by a minister who is recognized as such by the relevant religion and may take place inside their place of worship. When the ceremony takes place at a particular place of worship, one or both people in the couple must be a member of that religion. 

Often, the reception follows the wedding ceremony immediately after the exchange of vows, either in a banquet room, events space, or hotel. Most of the time, the couple and their guests are required to wear formal attire, as traditional weddings are generally considered to be a formal occasion.

A traditional wedding of an Asian couple is a type of wedding that involves a religious rite and an exchange of vows

The majority of religions are licensed by the government to conduct a religious wedding. A license is required to be legally married.  Most religions require couples to attend a pre-wedding class or couple counseling before the wedding takes place.

Interfaith Ceremony

An interfaith wedding is a celebration of two people who love each other regardless of religion.  Interfaith ceremonies allow people who don’t share the same religion to get married by combining two sets of  religious traditions together. The couple can pick a specialist celebrant to officiate their ceremony.

Although couples may believe in God, they can still live happily together without having to follow the rules that their religions dictate. For example, couples can marry at an events space,where their reception will also take place.

Non-Denominational Ceremony

A non-denominational wedding ceremony does not involve any specific god or religion. The service might include prayers to a higher power, as well as reflections about the couples’ relationship. 

There may  be an emphasis on religion, but the service will not necessarily promote any specific religion. Non-denominational ceremonies are an excellent option for those who have a general religious belief but do not subscribe to any particular faith.

Two people holding each other's hands tightly, having a non-denominational type of wedding

Civil Ceremony

A civil ceremony is a non-religious ceremony that is conducted by a government official, typically by a mayor or a judge. It is usually held in a courthouse, city hall, or judges’ chambers. Civil ceremonies are generally shorter compared to a traditional wedding. It focuses on the couples’  vows and can include some readings. Receptions often follow right after the ceremony. Unlike a traditional wedding, the couple’s choices will dictate what and how their reception would look like. 

Unlike traditional weddings, couples and even their guests are not required to wear formal attire. Women tend to wear shorter dresses at civil ceremonies, and both people can even wear jeans if they like.


Historically, an elopement was when a couple chooses to get married without telling anybody about it. These are secret unions or marriages that take place privately instead of publicly. 

In modern times, most elopements don’t involve sneaking off to be secretly wed. Some couples elope because it’s cheaper, and they don’t want to deal with all the fuss of either family or friends. Eloping saves money and also saves time and stress because a traditional wedding takes a lot of planning and preparation. 

A modern and historical reason why some couples elope is if the parents disapprove of the marriage.

A bride wearing a white gown is putting on white sneakers and is getting ready for her elopement type of wedding

Destination Wedding

Couples who choose to have their weddings at a location other than their hometown usually do so because this makes them feel more relaxed about getting married. A wedding at a new location also gives people new things to see and experience. A couple may choose to have their ceremony in a gorgeous location, such as a mountain, beach, or lake.

Destination weddings can sometimes take away some stress of planning an ordinary wedding as most activities are already arranged by a wedding travel agency. However, this can also mean that the cost of the wedding might go up, especially if you plan to bring your family and friends. If you plan to make your guests pay for their own entertainment expenses, make sure they are willing to pay for more than just their travel costs.


A micro wedding is a quick and simple but memorable wedding ceremony. It is often described as a stripped-down version of a traditional wedding with fewer than 30 people attending. These smaller events usually last around two to three hours. This is just long enough to get married and then eat and drink together. Photos are generally taken to commemorate the event.


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a gay couple nearly kissing at their wedding

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