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Gorgeous Gay Wedding Outfit Ideas For Same-Sex Couples

19 April 2023

Lesbian couple in the woods, both wearing white silky wedding gowns and holding the pride flag

When it comes to wedding attire, couples are not required to wear a wedding gown or suit simply because they are the bride or the groom. The days of strict guidelines on what brides and grooms can wear on their wedding days are long gone. Today, you can very much wear any wedding attire you choose. While this provides you with a lot of freedom, it can also make you feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to put your ensembles together. This is especially true if there are two brides or two grooms involved.

Your personality should be reflected in as many aspects of your wedding planning as possible, including your wedding attire. These LGBTQ+ wedding outfit ideas for suits, dresses, and accessories will help you get ready for your special day.

Same Attire With Same Color

Same-sex couple kissing each other wearing wedding outfits that are exactly the same style and color

If you value style and sophistication, you’ll probably prefer the traditional wedding look of matching suits. This choice is traditional, especially among grooms, who frequently choose to don identical white or black tuxedos. Some brides also opt to match their dresses or outfits. You will look great together and won’t have to worry about your attire clashing in wedding photos if you choose this option.

Keep in mind that this look could be challenging to pull off if you have very different body types because some dress styles don’t flatter all body types equally. 

Traditional With a Twist

Non-binary person wearing white, lacy top and black vest with gold and red pieces of jewelry

Traditional does not have to be boring. Iconic masterpieces never become stale. The key to success is simply adding something new. Who says a suit needs to be formal and sophisticated? You can go for an oversized suit with accents (rhinestones or embroidery as an option) rather than the traditional plain black suit. From colorful novelty patterns to a luxurious yellow velvet jacket, there are lots of truly wacky and exciting suits available that would work great at any wedding. 

Instead of opting for a voluminous princess gown, a bride could opt to purchase a modern sheer straight dress. Your imagination is your only limit!

Similar Design With Distinctive Details

Gay couple with identical outfits, but one is wearing a suit with a rose hue and the other is wearing a suit with a nude hue

This is the best option for people who don’t want to look identical but are concerned about their attire not matching. There are numerous ways to do this. First, you can select a single designer and purchase items from the same collection or that have the same print but are different in their cut. Another option is to select outfits based on your dress code, or choose one item of clothing (a jacket or a pair of pants) that is similar but enhanced by other elements and accessories. The easiest way to embrace this trend is with colorful accessories like bow ties and suspenders.

You could also choose same suits or ensembles, but play around with the color combinations to create contrast and add some excitement to your wedding look. For two brides, for example, matching style dresses in different colors can be a gorgeous look because it helps you stand out from the crowd as the day’s VIPs while still having your own distinctive pop of color. Choose an outfit that accentuates both of your body types, and then decide whether you want to go strong with your color choices or keep them simple.

Different But Complementary Outfits

Same-sex couple with different outfits, one is wearing white, lacy dress and the other is wearing a suit black top and pants and a long coat on it

Your options for creatively combining your clothing are practically endless. By wearing different but matching clothes, you can show how you and your partner balance each other. To make sure your wedding clothing is unique and to keep your outfits from being too similar, make sure to communicate your plans with each other. 

You’ll need to either go shopping for the outfits together or take on a little challenge by asking the help of family members while maintaining your outfit secrets up until the big reveal on your wedding day.

Non-traditional Cuts and Designs

A non-binary person wearing blue long-sleeve polo, and beige vest and pants

If you are looking for something different and don’t want to wear a dress, a pantsuit is a great choice. It provides more coverage than a dress and is comfier to dance in and use the restroom in. Jumpsuits are also a beautiful modern alternative to bridal gowns. If you want to look more bridal, go for a lace or ivory jumpsuit. 

Make It Colorful

African person holding a light pink anthurium and wearing bright orange long-sleeve polo with mint green suit on it.

There is no requirement that you wear ivory or white at your wedding. Enjoy your LGBTQ wedding and remember to think about all the colors of the rainbow. By choosing complementary colors for your attire, you can put them together without needing to match your dress or suit exactly. Consider your wedding’s color scheme and how your attire will contrast with any decor in the pictures.

Not only can visitors wear colorful attire, but the newlyweds will also look chic in them. You can wear one color or numerous complementary hues. The current trend favors colorful variations, so the more vibrant the color palette, the better.

Follow Your Theme

Close up of same-sex couples’ hands, both wearing traditional kilts as their wedding outfit

You’ll have a pretty decent understanding of the theme you’ll be working with once you’ve selected a location for your wedding. You might want to look rustic and natural if you’re exchanging vows in a beautiful vineyard or forest. If you’re getting married in a studio or gallery setting, it’s appropriate to go with a look that’s modern and elegant. Whatever your choice of wedding theme, it will serve as a good guide for the attire you’ll be wearing on your wedding day.

You can choose to embody your culture’s traditional attire for a multicultural homosexual wedding. Some couples opt to hold two wedding ceremonies on their big day in order to honor their two distinct cultural backgrounds. This can take the form of wearing everything from kilts to saris to hanbok and more.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to same-sex wedding attire. You might decide to wear traditional clothing or something absolutely stunning and one-of-a-kind on your special day.

You and your soon-to-be spouse can choose to dress in suits, dresses, or a combination of the two. Your outfits can be coordinated, discordant, or something in between. The traditional white dresses for women and dark suits for men are no longer required.

Our best advice is to choose a wedding outfit that both conveys your own sense of style and personality and makes you feel at ease and confident.

a gay couple nearly kissing at their wedding


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